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The beginner’s guide to turning a good cake into a jolly good cake!

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Swimming Pool Party Cake

Welcome to the Jolly Good Cake Club!  The first rule of cake club … do talk about cake club!  Do you know someone who would also like to make jolly good cakes? Then please tell them about this blog!

This is a personal blog – I am not a business.  My aim is to share my cake decorating experience (both the troubles and the triumphs) and for everyone to share their own ideas and questions, creating a club where everyone can learn from one another.  There are no silly questions, only jolly good questions, so please ask!  You can also upload your own photos when commenting on a post. I’d really love to see any cakes inspired or helped by this blog!

I am no Peggy Porschen (more like Piggy Portion, my husband says!) but I have been decorating cakes for a few years now and you can see some examples of my work in the photo gallery.  I live near London with my two young children who get to eat lots of cake and who don’t mind the rejects, and a husband who constantly complains about the icing sugar ‘dust’ in the kitchen!

On the blog page, I will be adding lots of really easy ways to turn your cake into a jolly good cake!  Please leave a comment if you have any questions!

How to join the club? No forms, no fees, no fuss – just read my blog and you’re already a member! ♥ Looking forward to some jolly cake discussions! x

Chase Paw Patrol cake

Chase Paw Patrol cake