Jolly Cake Bunting!

Hello and thanks for reading my first post!

I thought I’d start with a simple cake decoration that requires no sugar craft skills and can be made in an evening sitting in front of the TV! Plus, it can be made as far in advance as you like and can be re-used on future cakes.

I love bunting. It reminds me of village fetes and old fashioned garden parties. So I really love cake bunting!

Here’s how to make your own …

Pool flag bunting

Cake bunting!The poles – the pink & white poles pictured are sturdy paper drinking straws from my local supermarket, with wooden BBQ skewers inserted inside. Push half of the skewer deep into the cake then slide the straw onto the top half of the skewer; the bottom of the straw can then just rest on top of the cake so it doesn’t go soggy from absorbing moisture.

The white poles on my pool cake are plastic cake dowels (for supporting stacked cakes). These were just pushed into the cake (try to do this while the icing is still quite soft if your cake is covered in sugar paste, to avoid causing cracks). For bunting on a smaller scale, cake pop sticks could be used, or even cocktail sticks for tiny cupcake sized bunting!

Note: take care when using non-edible items on cakes, especially sharp items such as skewers or cocktail sticks. If the cake is for someone else, always advise them of any inedible items and recommend they are removed prior to serving the cake.


The string – you could use any fine string, yarn or thread that you have to hand – most of it is covered up by the flags anyway.

Think about the size of the cake that the bunting will be used to decorate in order to ensure the correct length, although you can make some adjustment by inserting the poles into the cake at a slight angle. Also think about whether you want the bunting to be straight across or to dip a little in the centre.

Make sure you leave enough string at either end to tie the bunting to the poles. If you are using paper straws, you can thread your string onto a large needle and push this sideways through the straw – this will ensure the string doesn’t slide down the pole.


The flags – now for the exciting part! The flags can be cut from pre-printed paper or card, such as greetings cards, gift wrap, magazines, printed craft paper etc. Alternatively, you can create your own design by hand or on a computer, allowing you to include a message, pictures, or even someone’s photo on the flags.

My patterned flags were cut from some old birthday cards that my daughter had squirreled away (I don’t think she knows this!). Firstly, I created a template to draw around. As the birthday cards were relatively thick, the template had just a tab to fold over the string – see fig.1.

The pool party flags were created on Powerpoint and printed out; my writing isn’t very tidy so this was a neater way to add the lettering. As I was printing the flags onto ordinary paper, my flag template consisted of two triangles back to back so that it could just be folded in half – see fig.2.

Diagram - bunting 1

Cut out your flags, then fold each one as shown by the dotted lines. Position them over the string and stick using glue, double-sided sticky tape or sticky tabs. If you leave a small area of the flag directly behind the fold unglued, you will be able to slide the flags along on the string and reposition them as necessary.

Your flags don’t have to be triangular – try squares, hearts or whatever fits with your theme. You could also use fabric, ribbon or patterned adhesive tape instead of paper for the flags. You could also have more than one row of flags between the poles. Last week I found this pompom trim – see below – in a haberdashery shop which I thought would make some bold cake bunting with a twist! I also found this bunting printed ribbon – ideal for finishing off your bunting cake or trimming your cake board  – watch this space!



All you need now is a cake.  Add the bunting and you have a jolly good cake!  I’d love to see your cake bunting photos; you can upload pictures with your comments. Have fun! x


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I am going to have a go at this tonight. Looks like the perfect finishing touch for a special cake. Thanks for the great idea!


Thanks Lynda. I’d love to hear how you get on with the bunting …. have fun!


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