5 Jolly Easy Cupcake Decorations!

Bored of sprinkles but no time or energy for making elaborate decorations?  Here are 5 super quick ways to turn your cupcake into a jolly good cupcake!

99 Ice Cream cupcakes1. Stick a flake into a swirl of white buttercream for a ’99 ice cream’ treat!

2. Add a paper cocktail umbrella and a straw (trim off the ends to make it short enough, but retain the ‘bend’) for a cocktail cupcake!

Cocktail cupcakes Windmill cupcakes

3. These mini windmills are great fun!  I got 10 windmills for £1.99 online from Amazon.co.uk.

4. Add a selection of pick ‘n’ mix sweets – great for parties and loved by both kids and adults!Pick 'n' mix cupcakes

Crazy Cupcake Cocktails!5. Go crazy with cake sparklers!  Remove the iced cupcake from its paper case and place in a suitable glass. Add a cake sparkler, straw, cocktail umbrella, sprinkles and cocktail cherries on a cocktail stick!

Remember to remove non-edible items before serving and take care using items in cakes such as cocktail sticks and cake sparklers, especially around children.

If you’ve got any more jolly easy cupcake decorating ideas, let us know! You can post a comment below! x


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How do you do piping so neat? Have tried using various different types of icing bags and have loads of different size nozzles but they never come out neat…


Hi Julie. I use a JEM 2D flower piping nozzle for icing my cupcakes. Any icing bag should be fine – I even use party sweet cone bags as icing bags! Try to look directly down on the cupcake as you ice it rather than looking at it from an angle. Start at the outer edge of your cupcake and don’t stop piping until you reach the centre. Don’t rush – pipe slowly and smoothly. It is all about practice so keep baking! x


Thanks Kelly! The pick ‘n’ mix sweets are always a hit and are super simple to make … and quick! Everyone loves to choose (fight over) their favourites! x


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