Blooming Cake!

As I’m always looking for an excuse to bake a cake, I was delighted to see a ‘chocolate cake’ category at my local horticultural society show last weekend!

Blooming cake - chocolate cake with chocolate button flowers

So, I baked my favourite chocolate cake recipe and although the judging was to be based on taste not the decoration, being a cake decorator I couldn’t help but make a little effort with the appearance!  I was really rushed for time but this flower design was really quick and easy to do so I thought I’d share it on this blog.

Credit for the design idea goes to a British designer, Cressida Bell – she specialises in textiles and interiors but also cake design. Her version is fabulous and very neat.  I won’t put mine to shame by including a photo of hers but you can Google it!

I covered my chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and for the flower decorations I used: Yorkie Mansize Buttons, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Buttons, Milky Bar Buttons and Milky Bar Giant Buttons, Minstrels, plus pearl sprinkles. I cut all of the buttons and Minstrels in half; the Minstrels were a bit tricky due to their hard shell but I found the best technique was to place the Minstrel under a sharp knife with the point of the blade on my work mat, then to bring the blade down firmly on the Minstrel – see fig.1.

Chopping Minstrels in half

Fig. 1

Create the flowers by sticking the half buttons into your buttercream to form various flower shapes.  I used the tiny pearls for the centre of some flowers, plus to fill in some small gaps on the cake. I also used some buttons to fill in larger gaps and for the centre of the largest flower.

Local competitions are a great excuse to practice your cakes; it gives you focus and can allow you to try out designs that you don’t normally have a reason to make.  Look out for competitions and ‘bake-offs’ at school fetes, charity events & fundraisers, etc. Local competitions are a good level for beginners – you can enter ‘Cake International’ next year!

In the end, my blooming cake was awarded 2nd prize so I was pretty happy with that! ♥





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