Piping Gel – 10 Jolly Good Uses!

Piping gel is a thick, clear, super sticky gel.

Tub of piping gel

Tub of piping gel

It has a sweet taste but doesn’t really have much of a flavour.  You can buy it in small tubs from cake decorating shops or online.  Buy the smallest tub – you generally only need tiny amounts and even if you use it very regularly (which you will when you discover all its jolly good uses), it’ll last you for years!

Turkey dinner cupcake

Turkey dinner cupcake

The original intended use was for piping writing or designs on a cake, either on it’s own with colour added, or added to icing such as buttercream to make it smoother and easier to pipe. Piping gel can easily be coloured by adding a tiny amount of food colour (paste or gel colours are best as they won’t alter the consistency of the gel).  You can also experiment

BBQ Cake - 40th Birthday

BBQ Cake – piping gel is used to coat the food

with adding edible glitter or sprinkles to the gel!  Piping gel is no longer just for piping – here are my top 10 jolly good reasons to keep a tub of it in your baking cupboard!

1. Use it to accentuate your sugar paste models or decorations – bring characters to life by giving shine to their eyes or giving animals a healthy wet nose!

2. Add tiny drops of gel to create a dew effect on petals and leaves.

'Baked' pie cake

‘Baked’ pie cake!

3. Make sugar paste food look real – perfect for making sausages look greasy, making cooked vegetables look wet, or giving a baked, glazed effect to pies and pastry.

4. Make water effects – ideal for swimming pools, ponds, water on golf courses, the sea, etc.  Tint the gel blue, or just paint it over blue sugar paste.  You don’t need too much gel to create water – it doesn’t have to be deep!  A thin layer still gives the right effect and is far less messy when you actually cut the cake!

Water effect with piping gel

Water effect using piping gel

5. Create a glassy effects for bottles, windows and stained glass.

6. Add some green colour to make scary slime. Add red colour for blood … or keep it clear for the sweat and tears!

7. Use to stick wafer paper to sugar paste without any wrinkling or dissolving of the paper.

8. Use to stick sugar paste items together – it doesn’t really dry completely so it’s easy to reposition things.  I haven’t tried, but I’ve been told it’s good for sticking sugar paste to polystyrene dummy cakes and to cake boards.

Paddington topper with shiny eyes & nose - painted with piping gel.

Paddington topper with shiny eyes & nose – painted with piping gel.

9. Colour it brown to make a tea or coffee effect or orange to make baked bean sauce!

10. Paint onto pieces of sugar paste shaped into jewels, diamonds etc. to make them really shine. Add edible glitter for extra sparkle! Use for making treasure for pirate cakes or to make tiaras, crowns & jewellery.

Piping gel on spoon

Piping gel

If you have any more great uses for piping gel, please comment on this post and share them! I’d love to hear your ideas! ♥



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Pamela Dikeman

How did you make the swimmers on your swimming pool cake? I have to make a pool cake for this Sunday!!!


Hi Pamela! I made them out of sugarpaste (fondant). I tried to keep them quite simple – here’s a picture of all the bits!


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