Daddy Monkey Bunting!

IMG_6027Just a quick post today to share with you my ‘Daddy Monkey’ bunting!  My husband had requested his favourite chocolate & banana cupcakes for his birthday this week and this was an easy decoration to make them special!  You can read all about creating cake bunting on my earlier post ‘Jolly Cake Bunting’ published on 29 August 2015.


For these flags, I found the monkey image on Google – I chose this one as it had a nice space on the monkey’s tummy for the lettering.  I then used PowerPoint to add the letters and to draw a triangle around the picture for the flag shape, then just printed them off.


When I cut them out I included a small tab of paper at the top so that I could fold this over the string and stick it down at the back of the flag. You may need to experiment with printing them off to the correct size – the first ones I printed were far too big!

I attached the flag string to yellow paper drinking straws to match the ‘banana’ theme!

They were really fun to make and the children loved them … and so did Daddy! ♥

I’d love to see any of your own cake bunting – you can add pictures with your comments in the box below! x



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