Jolly Scary Cupcakes!

With Halloween fast approaching, here are some simple ideas for creating fabulous cupcakes – great for your Halloween party or for spoiling the trick or treaters!

GhostsThese ghosts are very easy to make. Simply add a swirl of buttercream to your cupcake, then roll a small ball of white sugar paste and place on top of the buttercream; this adds height and creates a nice rounded shape for the ghost’s head.  Next, roll out your white sugar paste and cut out a large circle then simply drape this over the top of your cake, smoothing it over the sugar paste ball and adjusting it around the bottom to create a nice shape for your ghost.  Finally cut out two small circles from black sugar paste using a small circle cutter or the tip of a piping nozzle. Attach to your ghost’s face with a tiny amount of water, edible glue or piping gel.

Killer cupcakes - Jennie

For something a little more gory, how about these cleaver cakes with dripping blood? The cupcakes are simply iced with a swirl of buttercream and then I used glace icing coloured with red food colour for the blood. You could also use red coloured piping gel. Simply drip it over the cakes for a natural effect. The cleavers were made using florist paste rather than sugar paste.  Florist paste is similar to gum paste, Mexican paste or modelling paste; they all dry harder and can be rolled out thinner than sugar paste without cracking or breaking and are often used for making delicate items such as flowers. I cut out the shape of the cleaver from the florist paste and left it to dry overnight. I then painted the cleavers with edible silver and black paint and left them to dry again.  I would recommend inserting the cleavers into the icing as close to serving as possible and not to keep them in an airtight container as the florist paste will start to drink up the moisture from the buttercream and after a few hours the cleavers can start to lose their firmness.

Halloween cupcakesThese pumpkin and bat decorations were made using a silicon mould and stuck onto contrasting circles of sugar paste. Allow sugar paste to dry out a little before using a mould so that it isn’t too sticky. Dusting the mould lightly with icing sugar or corn flour will help too. You can also put the mould into the freezer to firm up the sugar paste if you are having difficulty getting it out of the mould; once removed, leave the moulded item to dry out before touching it as it will be moist from the freezer.

IMG_6191My ‘Boo’ cupcake toppers were simply made by stamping the letters on a circle of white sugar paste (I use Purple Cupcakes Impressit Stamps) and then painting with piping gel coloured with red food colour. If you don’t have letter stamps you could use small letter cutters to make an imprint.  You could also pipe the letters on using the red coloured piping gel in a piping bag, or paint them on by hand. I then splattered on some red food colour which was diluted very slightly with a little water, by dipping a paintbrush into the colour and flicking the bristles over the toppers (and everything else within a metre radius!).



These cobweb toppers were just made by drawing the cobweb pattern onto a circle of sugar paste, with a black edible pen. Leave the sugar paste to dry for a few hours first before drawing, as the pens can drag and damage soft sugar paste.

You could add sugar paste spiders to your webs.  They would also look good on other coloured backgrounds such as orange or green.

I would love to see any of your own Halloween cakes so please share them!

Don’t have nightmares! ♥


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