Fondant Footballs!

Here’s how to make my football cake toppers!  It is a little time consuming creating the hexagon pattern but they’re not hard to do and they can be made well in advance of when they are required.


Hexagon cutter for making sugar paste football pattern

Fondant / sugar paste football cupcake toppersFor my toppers, I used a small hexagon cutter as pictured (each side of the cutter is 1cm long) which made the task quick and neat but you could make a hexagon/pentagon template from card and use it to cut out your shapes although I wouldn’t recommend this for more than a few toppers!

You need to start by cutting out your sugar paste hexagons from black and white sugar paste. Then roll out a piece of white sugar paste and stick the hexagons on using edible glue or a tiny amount of water, to form the football pattern.  After a short while you get the hang of how the pattern goes, but you can use my pictures to copy!

Lift the sugar paste from time to time to ensure it’s not sticking.


Making sugar paste football pattern for cupcake toppers


Making sugar paste football pattern for football cupcake toppers

When you have made a large enough pattern for the number of toppers you require, use a round cutter to cut out the individual footballs.

Try to cut the circles really close together and without wasting too much of the pattern you have just spent ages making!

Leave the footballs to dry out in a tin lined with greaseproof paper until you’re ready to use them.

The toppers could just be stuck onto cupcakes iced with a swirl of buttercream, and you could colour the buttercream green for a grass effect.


Cutting out sugar paste football cupcake toppers

Cutting out sugar paste football cupcake toppersMy grass was created using a grass piping nozzle with green buttercream. I only piped it around the edge of the cupcake and just spread some green buttercream in the middle as this would be covered up anyway.

Great for football fans young or old and could be used to coordinate with a larger football themed cake.  You could mix these cupcakes with other cupcakes decorated with your team’s badge, or decorations such as mini football boots or shirts.  I’ve made them before to put alongside mini BBQ cupcakes for a summer football party!

I’d love to see any of your football cakes – you can post images with comments below!  ♥

I have also just launched a cake decorating discussion page on Facebook where you can share your cake photos and discuss all things cake-related! Join the group here!

Fondant (sugar paste) football cupcake toppers with piped green grass

31.07.2016 NEWS! A grid hexagon cutter is now available to purchase from ‘Jen’s Cutters’ in the UK. This allows you to cut several hexagons at once making these toppers even easier!  Visit Jen’s Cutters to order now! 

hexagon grid cutter

Jen’s Cutters using the new hexagon grid cutter







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I was awake in the night wondering how this pattern was done!! Thank you I shall be making these!! X


If you Google ‘hexagon cutters for football cake’ quite a few come up, particularly on eBay and not too expensive.


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