Jolly Festive Cupcakes!

How can it be December already?! I thought I’d better get on with a Christmas cake decorating blog to hopefully provide some festive cake inspiration!

Austin's 1st birthdayThis set of Christmas pudding, snowman and Father Christmas cupcakes took a lot of work for six cakes, but I was happy with the result. They were all inspired by designs I found on the internet. You will notice that the cutter used to make the holly on the puddings was also used to make Father Christmas’ moustache! My favourite bit was the snowmen’s bobble hats. Snowman bobble hatYou can see more clearly in the larger picture. I just marked the pattern of the knitting into the sugar paste, marking small lines in an alternating pattern. The rosy cheeks on the puddings and snowmen were done by dusting on a little pink edible dust – I think this brings them to life.

Turkey dinner close-upMy turkey dinner cupcakes were pretty time consuming too but really fun to make. The effect of grease was created by brushing piping gel over the food.  I also brushed on some brown edible dust to create the roasted look. I found the best way to make the roast potatoes, was to make whole potatoes then cut them up as I would if they were real potatoes. The sprouts were made by gently rolling together light green and darker green tiny pieces of sugar paste, into a ball.

Christmas trees for CookleyFor a much quicker and easier cupcake decoration, try piping swirls of green coloured buttercream to make Christmas trees.  You can then just add sprinkles, stars etc. to decorate the trees. These are good ones to get the kids involved in.

Edwin's garden cakes 2013

Christmas treeMy ‘Santa stuck in the snow’ is pretty easy to do – you just need to make legs and stick them in white buttercream! If your buttercream has a yellow tinge, try adding whitening powder (available from cake decorating stores and online).  As I’ve said before, no one wants to eat yellow snow!


Stuck Santa!Kevin's Christmas gift cakes 2The boxes of cakes pictured were for a Christmas thank you gift from a manager to his team. I made six boxes and the Christmas stocking cake in each box had the person’s name painted on to personalise it.  A special box of cakes is a great gift for the person who has everything, or for the person that you just don’t know what to buy for – as long as they like cake, you can’t go wrong!

Finally, although it’s not cake, a gingerbread house is a lovely traditional Christmas treat and fun to make. I recently built this one for my daughter’s school Christmas fete.  It came in a kit and was really easy to put together. Amazingly, the kit came in the post – I was sure it would be smashed to bits but arrived perfectly intact!


Don’t forget to share your Christmas cake decorating tips – you can comment below. I’ve now added a ‘visitors’ gallery’ to the blog so send me your cake pictures and I will add them to the gallery! ♥


Have fun! x



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