Bouncing Birthday Cake!

I recently made this cake for my friend’s daughter’s trampolining party!  I made the model of the girl in advance so she had plenty of time to dry and only attached her to the cake at the actual party.  In order to make a firm model, I used gum paste rather than sugar paste as gum paste dries much harder.  I also inserted cocktail sticks inside the model to help support her.  It should be noted that the model was not intended to be eaten and the host of the party was advised of the cocktail sticks. You can also use dry spaghetti to support models.

Trampolining cakeTrampolining cake - bouncing girlYou can see on my picture that I inserted cocktail sticks halfway into the bottom of the model’s legs – these were then inserted into the finished cake to support the model.

I added the hair with the model upright once it had dried out a little.  I inserted the cocktail sticks in her legs into a cardboard box, but you can use a polystyrene block or something similar.


Trampolining cake - bouncing girl

Once the model was finished, I stored it carefully in an open box and laid it on crumpled kitchen paper towel, in order for it to dry out thoroughly.


Trampolining cake - bouncing girl

I also cut out the lettering in advance of making the cake and painted it with pink lustre dust.

The cake was a 9″ square chocolate sponge cake with chocolate buttercream which I positioned on a 12″ cake board.

I covered the whole cake in white sugar paste to start with and covered the board in pale pink sugar paste.

You can use water, edible glue or piping gel to stick your sugar paste onto your cake board.



Trampolining cake


I cut out a square of black sugar paste and attached this to the top of the cake with a little water.  I then rolled out a long thin sausage shape of black sugar paste and cut it into short lengths to form the springs.  I flattened the end of each length when it was attached so that when I added the trampoline padding, it would lie flatter.


Trampolining cake

The hardest part was positioning the square of black sugar paste on the cake so that it was central and remained square.  Black sugar paste contains a lot of colour and can be quite soft and sticky.  I would recommend leaving the square to dry out for a little while before attempting to move it on top of the cake – I didn’t do this and I made it hard for myself!


The next step was to make the ‘padding’ around the trampoline. I just cut strips of pink sugar paste – wide enough to reach from the edge of the cake and to just cover the ends of the springs.   I used four strips – one for each side – and cut each end at an angle to join neatly to the next piece.

I attached with water and then softened the edges of the padding with my fingers.


Trampolining cakeTrampolining cakeTo finish the trampoline, I added two upright ‘frame’ pieces on each side of the cake, made from a sausage shape of grey sugar paste which I flattened slightly once attached.  You could paint these with silver metallic edible dust to make them look more like a metal frame.


I then added a long piece of the grey sausage shape around the bottom of the cake, again flattening it slightly, to hide the joins and finish the cake.


The lettering was then attached in a wavy ‘bouncing’ pattern.


IMG_6584As mentioned earlier, I didn’t attach the model of the girl until we were actually at the party as it was about a half hour drive away and I was worried about it wobbling about on the cake or her head falling off!

Trampoline cake instructions

However once the cake was delivered, it held up very well and the cocktail sticks held it firmly in the cake.

If you have any questions, please comment below!

Have fun! ♥


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