Knitting a Cake!

Knitting cake!

Knitting cake! I made this for my mum’s birthday.

I was delighted to discover that a knitting cake that I made for my mum had been featured on the website of ‘Let’s Knit’ – the UK’s best selling knitting magazine – in an article entitled ’13 Incredible Cakes for Knitters!’  You can see the article at 

The ‘knitting’ was actually pretty easy to make but I didn’t have a clue before I did some research, so here is a step by step guide.

Firstly you will need to roll your sugar paste/fondant into a sausage shape to the thickness of your ‘wool’. You can use an extruder, but I prefer to roll by hand and then use an icing smoother to get the sausage nice and even.  IMG_8234



Then you need to take two lengths of your icing sausage and twist them together. 


Then take another two lengths and twist them together but in the opposite direction to the first pair.  So if your first twist was left strand over right, make your second twist right strand over left. Then lie these two twists side by side, securing with a little water between them. You should now see a vertical row of ‘V’ shaped stitches.  








You now need to just repeat the process – a left twist then a right twist laid side by side until the piece of knitting reaches the required size.  Trim the ends neatly.   

The finished knitting needs careful handling to transfer it to the cake. I used a large flat spatula to pick mine up then quickly slid it in position.  

IMG_8239 IMG_8241



The knitting needles are barbecue skewers and I added a small ball of light brown sugar paste at the end of each. I made little loops of sugar paste and threaded them onto one of the needles (this was quite fiddly!). I then just stuck the needle with the loops right next to the top of the knitting. 


'Knitted' sugar paste!

‘Knitted’ sugar paste!


If I make this cake again, I will make the loose piece of wool a bit thinner as it was too chunky!  

To decorate the board, I cut out hexagon shapes from pink and purple sugar paste (I also mixed the colours together to create different patterns) and used letter stamps to add a message. I used a stitching tool to mark around the edge of each hexagon, then arranged them on the board to look like patchwork. 

I used a button mould to create some sugar paste buttons which I added around the back of the board.  I finished the cake off with a ‘tape measure’ printed ribbon which I just ordered online. 

It was a lovely cake to make and I’d love to see any of your knitted cakes! ♥

I have also just launched a cake decorating discussion page on Facebook where you can share your cake photos and discuss all things cake-related! Join the group here!

Happy baking / knitting! x


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