How to Create Wafer Paper Roses


These wafer paper roses are pretty easy to make and you can make them while sitting in front of the TV!  They can be made as far in advance as you need them and used on cakes, cupcakes, or for table decoration etc. The method isn’t mine – I can’t remember where I first saw this technique but I tried a few and this one seemed to give the best results.

You will need: wafer paper, petal templates (see below), pencil, scissors, edible glue, water, paintbrushes.

Wafer paper (which used to be called rice paper) is widely available from cake decorating stores or online. You can use coloured paper if you require coloured roses but I like to use white paper and then dust it with colour to get a more natural look.

You need to create a template for your petals first of all – you will need a single petal and double petal template. You can just draw these and cut them out. 


With a pencil, draw around your single petal 10 times and your double petal 8 times on a sheet of wafer paper, then cut them out, trying to cut just inside of the pencil line so that no pencil marks are left on your petals.

IMG_8907IMG_8908 IMG_8909

Cut 2 slits on 6 of the double petals (leave 2 double petals uncut), and 1 slit on each of the 10 single petals.


Start creating your rose by taking one of the uncut double petals and brushing a little edible glue along the bottom edge and winding it up tightly into a spiral and securing with a little more edible glue.



Wind the other uncut double petal around the spiral you have just created to complete the centre of the rose. Squeeze the bottom tightly to ensure it is secure then put aside.


Next, add a little edible glue next to each cut on the 6 double petals then pull the outer sections over the inner section slightly to create a more rounded shape.


Turn the double petals over and add a tiny amount of water on a paintbrush to the top edges. This will make the petals curl a little as they dry.


Now with the single petals, add a little glue to the cut and pull together as we did with the double petals above, but obviously just for the one cut. Then turn these petals over and again, brush a little water on the top edge. You can also roll the edges of the petals a little while they are still wet to encourage the curl.




Now you’re ready to finish creating the rose. Take your spiral centre that you made earlier and start adding the petals, using the double ones first. Brush a little edible glue on the bottom edge of each first then wrap each petal around the centre. Squeeze the bottom tightly to ensure it holds together.


Once all of the double petals are added, continue with the single petals. Keep looking at the shape of your rose to ensure that you are adding the petals evenly to create a nice shape.



And there you have it – a beautiful edible rose! I dusted this one with gold lustre dust. 


Use your roses as you wish!

IMG_7933 IMG_8405 IMG_8426

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